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Somewhere in Time

Somewhere In Time uses eight movie subtitles as its source material. They are picked up from a set of 25 movies, at each time Somewhere In Time is seen. First, the work presents a wide grid, which contains many different timecodes. These timecodes represent the time when a dialog of the movie is shown; they are extracted from the subtitles loaded in the beginning. When he/she clicks on some timecode, the interactor watches to a sequence of texts, displayed in the bottom of the screen and centered as the movie subtitles are in cinema. However, no image is shown; the interactor sees only the texts, on a black background. The texts are also extracted from the movie subtitles; only the texts whose moment of displaying is similar to the timecode selected by the interactor are shown.

Originally developed in Flash by Andrei Thomaz in 2008. In 2013, the work was re-coded in JavaScript by Vitor Andrioli.