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Teia (Web)

This sound performance consists in the construction of a web formed by duct tape wires in the center of a stage and supported by an structure in the form of a cube, with a screen in the background where the images are projected. Two performers start the composition of the web live, creating it in between the structures while they send, via microphones fixed on their wrists, the unrolling sounds of the tapes. The performance sounds are generated by the amplified noises of the tapes, which are processed in real time by software. Sound effects are based on a specific script embracing from pointillist unprocessed sounds to granular textures, redefining and imposing ambiguities to the referential relation between image and sound. By the middle of the performance on, the sounds acquire a static character – a freezing effect – as a reference to the function of the web’s capturing and serve as a subtle basis to the performance’s final phase. At this point, the web’s silhouette (in the foreground) overlaps projected images previously collected from the performance itself. Such procedures generate an illusion of movement as the image of the web gradually reveals itself although it remains static in the front of the screen. The performance is concluded with a final fade-in, when the background image blends with the foreground’s web’s silhouette. The sound conception does not aim at an improvisation with complex tape sounds, but searches for an abstract conception of a musical soundscape. It concentrates on the construction of an intricate collection of diffuse elements, in which duct tapes, tape sounds and their image projection constitutes the web.

Artists: Alexandre Porres, Alexandre Fenerich, Andrei Thomaz, Francisco Serpa, Giuliano Obici, Lilian Campesato, Patrícia Francisco, Valério Fiel da Costa, Vitor Kisil.

Pictures: 1st, 2nd and 3rd by Mário Ladeira / FILE; 4th by Fernando Iazzetta.