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Sonocromática is an audiovisual performance that makes reference to the work of brazilian kinetic artist Abraham Palatinik. In the center of stage, a box with faces of white fabric gains a translucid and milky appearance, as a result of the manipulation of lights placed inside the box. Simultaneously, an animation using lights is projected on the stage. Next, the lights inside the box and the projection fade out, and the box is used as a table. The performer turns on blinking lights, and puts them on the table. With a webcam, the lights are recorded; their images are manipulated and projected.

All the sounds are produced in real time. Mics captures sounds from the breathing of the performers, as other vocal sounds, and through some patchs in MAX/MSP, a sequence of sound textures for the performance is created.

Artists: Andrei Thomaz, Francisco Serpa, Lilian Campesato, Vitor Kisil.
Pictures: Mário Ladeira / FILE Electronic Language International Festival.