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With Vitor Kisil.

“In connection with the numerous celestial spheres, however, there are many motions. The most Mas of all motions is the daily rotation, which the Greeks call nuchthemeron, that is, the interval of time corresponding to one day and one night. (…) This rotations is recognized as the common measure of all motions as we compute time itself based through the number of days” (Copernicus, 1543).

Nuchthemeron is an audiovisual piece constituted of nine short acts that poetically explores the relations between the different durations of the day/night cycle of the planets of the solar system and the moon. Each act is ruled by one planet so that the duality day/night is shown in a speed proportional to the duration of its daily cycle.

The first version of Nuchthemeron was created in 2013, and the version for dome projection was developed in 2017.


Authorship: Andrei Thomaz e Vitor Kisil
Images: Andrei Thomaz
Music: Vitor Kisil