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Color Cubes

Color Cubes is a net art work presented as a text based game. First, the viewer receive instructions about how he/she can move, using textual commands like front, right and so on. The viewer must enter these commands in the input field located in the center of the screen.

In the starting, the space where the viewer is inside is described as a “completely white cube”. And, after each movement of the viewer, the space where he/she is will be described as a cube. However, the current cube description will be always related to the previous cube, telling how different the color of current cube is from the color of previous cube. Our intention with the use of relative descriptions was to difficult the setting of spatial references by the viewer.

Six cubes have absolute colores; they are the exits of the cubes. When the viewer enters in one of these cubes, he/she can enter the “quit” command. Doing so, an animation with all the colors seen along the viewer’s pathway will be generated. This animation is based on one of the most known work of Joseph Albers, the Hommage to the Square series.